Online Marketing Tips

We love to share Online Marketing tips and tricks with you! On our blog you will frequently find handy guides to improve the visibility of your website and keep it scoring high on Google! Through our blog you will always be kept up-to-date with the latest trends and developments!

3 remarketing strategies

Marketing involves many back and forth interactions until a final match is made. Quite often, online marketers will need to put a little more effort into it as they know the visitor is already interested, but somewhat hesitant to let them know. What online marketers want to know in the next contact moments is whether... Read more »

5 tips for a mobile optimised website

Any online marketer wanting to engage people, will need to pay as much attention to desktop users as to mobile users. Google shares this same idea and already prioritises mobile friendly websites over non mobile friendly websites when listing search results. Having a mobile optimised website can make your company stand out. Let’s have a... Read more »

How to plan content marketing?

As rigid as Google is, we are all forced to rethink our latest online marketing practices. Overwhelming the web with all sort of information was once a way to grab all the attention, but nowadays we need to think before we start. If we don’t deliver useful information we’ll face the consequences imposed by the... Read more »

Is content marketing dead?

The days of stuffing a webpage with thoroughly analyzed keywords, are long gone and this is mainly thanks to the shift to content marketing. The game changed, and content managed took over. But as with everything in life, the game of content marketing has changed as well. In a time that enormous volumes of content... Read more »

5 Effective Instagram Strategy Tips for You and Your Organization

Setting up an effective Instagram strategy can be challenging for many organizations. Hubspot made Instagram strategies an important item on their agenda during the yearly ‘Grow with Hubspot’ conference in Amsterdam. The presentator started off with a crystal clear message on how today’s marketers deliver tiring ‘sh*t’ content to their audience. Today’s information overload has... Read more »

Keyword Research Tips

There’s probably no need to convince you of the importance of proper keyword research. In fact, keyword research deliver the highest return on investment of all SEO activities out there and are indispensable for your online marketing success. From the beginning of time keyword research has been the very first step in the online journey... Read more »