Online Marketing Tips

We love to share Online Marketing tips and tricks with you! On our blog you will frequently find handy guides to improve the visibility of your website and keep it scoring high on Google! Through our blog you will always be kept up-to-date with the latest trends and developments!

Keyword Research Tips

There’s probably no need to convince you of the importance of proper keyword research. In fact, keyword research deliver the highest return on investment of all SEO activities out there and are indispensable for your online marketing success. From the beginning of time keyword research has been the very first step in the online journey... Read more »

Featured Snippets

For many online marketers the holy mission is to achieve a first ranking on the focus keyword within Google. Nevertheless, if you’re in a highly competitive market, achieving that aspired number one position can be difficult. The featured snippet, is a very interesting new SEO opportunity! What are Featured Snippets? A featured snippet is a... Read more »

How We Have Attained a Top Position in Google

One of the most frequently asked questions is: 'how did Whello attain a number 1 position in Google's organic search results?' Everyone wants to be found in Google right? When you type in ‘online marketing Amsterdam’ in Google, you will find Whello listed at the top. This is not a coincidence, but the result of an elaborate... Read more »

Why good SEO content is important

Of course, once you have designed that awesome website that shows off your product or service, you would like to sit back and see the sales rolling in. Unfortunately, things are not quite so simple. For people to find you among the millions of websites that are out there, you need to ensure that your… Read more »

5 tips for optimizing your landing page

A landing page is a website page that enables you to capture information from people who are visiting your website. Too many companies send social media or other online advertising traffic to their home page: huge mistake. Firstly, does the homepage cover the information in the ad? If it does, great. People expect to find… Read more »