Hello! We are Whello!

Our marketing company in Amsterdam is specialized in Online Marketing Advice that focusses on Search Engine Optimization, Online Advertising, Website Design, Inbound Marketing and App Marketing. Whello ensures that organizations and target groups get in contact via the various online channels. The implementation of online marketing activities ensures online success and the desired results. We are here to help you to connect online!

Whello’s basic principles

  • We won’t be satisfied until you are, too;
  • A “Make it happen” approach;
  • Being keenly focused and hungry to learn something new every day;
  • Having faith in our approach and sharing our expertise;
  • Active commitment: your objectives are our objectives;
  • Measurable results – data is the key!

Introducing our mascot Whello the Whale

Being a whale, Whello is one of the largest, most impressive mammals on earth.  Effective and goal-oriented communication forms the basis of everything a whale does. Via sound waves, whales are able to communicate across vast distances with other whales. Whales are masters of communication and extremely careful about how they expend their energy. They only expend only what is absolutely necessary.

In order for organizations to grow in the online era, we at Whello want to ensure that our partners achieve the maximum return – just like the whales. At Whello, we believe that in order for organization to be successful, you should choose the right communication, that is best suited to your target group at the right moment in the right place.

Where we work

Our new office is located in Amsterdam Noord. From our office, we have an amazing view on ‘the IJ’. It’s a true inspiring work atmosphere! Our neighborhood, is developing itself as the new creative and innovation hub in Amsterdam. This enables us to frequently contact and team-up with all kinds of successful organizations. Our new office works stimulating and it brings out the best in us!

In the Whello mix

Each and every individual at Whello is hooked on the online game – the goal-oriented realization of online results. We proudly preside over a team of young, smart, hardworking online marketers that each have their own unique area of expertise. Throw us in the blender and you have the perfect mix for your online success. These crazy kids range from being the SEO and SEA specialist to the website project management busy body, from the creative web designer to a content creator, and from a technical programmer down to the data freak. Achieving maximum returns for our clients is what we strive for! Day, after day, after day. Together, we work really hard for the online success of our clients. We would love to tell your online story.


Online Marketing Strategist



Online Marketing Strategist



SEO Specialist



SEO Specialist


Nasser al Kamouchi

Head of Online Marketing



Digital Creative



Campaign Specialist



Content Marketer


Lead Digital Designer



Web Developer



Marketing Specialist



Website and App Developer



Marketing Specialist



Web Developer



Website and App Developer



Online Marketing Strategist



Sport Marketing Specialist



Marketing Specialist



Marketing Specialist



Web Developer


Why, Hello! Whello!

Long before the digital age had begun, marketing largely consisted of offline forms. A time wherein much money was needed in order to be able to reach your intended audience. A general rule applied: the more money you spend, the more success you will have. But could it be measured and verified? No, anything but. The arrival of the Internet changed virtually everything…including the field of marketing.

What does every form of marketing begin with? Correct, all forms of marketing always start with “Why?” Why does your product or service provide added value, why does your target audience really need your product or service and why are you better than your competitors? And precisely that last “why” is what we must convey to your intended audience: “Hello, this is why you need me!”  That is the basis of marketing! And this basis also forms the foundation of all our online marketing efforts.

Waarmee starten al je marketing vraagstukken? Juist, marketing start altijd met de vraag ‘Why?’ Waarom voegt jouw product of dienst waarde toe, waarom heeft je doelgroep jouw product of dienst echt nodig en waarom ben jij beter dan de concurrent? En precies die ‘Why?’ wil je overbrengen aan de doelgroep. Hello, this is why you need me!’ Juist, dat is de basis van marketing! En ook gelijk de basis van onze online marketing invullingen.

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